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PROJECTS : Fabrication

ENGQUEST's steel fabrication services are provided with the most advanced equipment and more than 600 pieces of state-of-the-art machinery, including BOX assembly system, double wire welding, electroslag welding, CNC multi-head cutting machines, CNC drilling machines, CNC milling, CNC locking machines, CNC band saw machines, computer-controlled intersection cutting, fully-automatic abrasive blasting machines, as well as non-destructive testing, materials analysis, and other testing equipment.

Dubai Horseracing Car Parking Complex (23,000 tons of steel)

Gabon Stadium

Singapore Westgate Project

Shangrila Hotel in Ulan Bator

Togo Lome International Airport

Zambia International Airport

MG PTA Chemical Plant (US)

JN Fiber (US)

Jurong Aromatics Chemical Complex

BASF MDI Expansion

Malaysia Solar Plant

Sino Iron Processing Plant

Congo Brazaville Stadium (11,000 tons of steel)

Calabar International Conference Center

NGHI SON Refinery Plant

Posco Cast Steel Plant (13,000 tons of steel)

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